Branding Service

Our branding service gives an extra arm to your brand by leaving a memorable impression in the mind’s of customers

Why branding is important?

For instance, you are driving a car and you looked at a particular banner in a haste, such that you could not read the name of the brand. Yet, you can immediately tell which brand it was. This is known as branding.

Branding is all about establishing a brand’s identity. It’s about creating a visual impression in the minds of the customers through things like fonts, colours, and their over-all consistency.

Typography and fonts

Typography is not just about selecting beautiful fonts; it is a vital component of a brand’s identity. Good typography establishes a strong visual hierarchy and creates a profound impact on people’s minds. Our visualizers select the apt typography and font for your brand that give it a distinct identity.

Colour scheme

The colour scheme is an important part of branding and marketing. Each colour has a different psychology and evokes a distinct sentiment. Thus, in our branding strategy, we give paramount importance to selecting the right colour for the brand and maintaining its consistency to create a unique identity of your brand.

Tag Lines

A tagline is a short phrase that describes the core philosophy of a brand. We craft taglines that are deep and heart-touching and make brands earn respect beyond imagination. Our branding strategists write and visualise things that hit deep into the minds of the people and are not easily forgotten.

Our 6 steps process for a fabulous branding service

Analysing Vision

Analysing the vision, goals, values of the brand and its target audience.

Doing Research

Doing in-depth research on what competitors are doing.

Developing Strategy

Developing a branding strategy and analysing in which direction the brand should go.

Designing Identity

Using creativity and imagination to convert the strategy into a visual representation.

Creating Touchpoints

Classifying the identity created into different touchpoints like Website, Business cards, Letterheads, Brochures etc.

Retaining Identity

Maintaining consistency in Font, Colour, Content etc., to retain the identity of the brand.