Online Reputation Management Service

Our ORM service gives you the power to control your reputation online.

Why Online Reputation Management is important?

In today’s era of internet and digital media, most brands are extremely conscious about their online reputation. Daily, lakhs of people comment on social media posts and products on different eCommerce websites, read blogs and give their ratings. All these altogether create a profound impact on the brand’s identity. Therefore, Online Reputation Management(ORM) is indispensable for any brand.

When it comes to formulating an ORM strategy, it is more than just writing positive reviews and answering questions on quora. It’s about determining how people perceive your brand. It’s about building trust for your brand through an all-round positive image in the internet world.

Let your brand be perceived the way you want

Internet is infamous for creating or damaging the brand’s reputation unexpectedly. It works strangely and makes a brand either gain enormous success or miserable loss with its remarkable reach. Even a single comment by an unsatisfied customer can erupt a wave of negativity for your brand across all platforms. The problem can be contained at the initial stage if you hire a professional ORM service.

SGB Global Tech’s ORM service gives you complete control over how people perceive your brand online. Our team of competent marketing experts possess the expertise to proficiently manage the information that goes on every platform. They have an unmatched track record of impeccably handling the reputation of renowned brands even during the time of crisis.

Our steps to implementing a successful ORM strategy

  • Monitoring the online reputation: Monitoring what general perception people have pertaining to the brand.
  • Formulating a response plan: Determining how the negative comments will be tackled.
  • Implementing the plan: Tactfully implementing the plan on different mediums to handle the negativity.
  • Measuring the results: Measuring the outcomes of the entire strategy and analysing its over-all impact.